​Do good men really exist, What does it mean to be a good man, who is a good man, how do you find a good man, how do you know a good man, what qualities must a good man have? 

These question pops up so many times in the heart of people who are in a relationship or about to enter one. So we’ll take it step by step. But Just know that Good men do exist and you can find one for yourself.

“Every good Woman deserves a good Man and every Man needs to know how to be a good man to his woman”.  Some often wonder whether they are with the right person especially when the relationship is getting more serious “by the day”. They want to know if there will be a future in the relationship someday. Every woman prays and hopes to meet a good man that would make a good husband. A man that would take care of her and cater for her needs. 

A woman is in the best position to say who a good man is or what do you think? Women are the ones in need of a good man. But these days it is so damn hard to see a good man, what we see most times is a man acting to be good, and it is so disappointing when the whole charade opens to you. You must have heard or have said things like: “Good men are hard to find, some women even say; “All men are terrible”, and some even say; they never want to get married. One way or the other, these statements shows that a woman might have had some heartbreaking experiences with men or might have seen others go through some hard issues with men. This brings us back to the questions in the first paragraph of this post.

Who is a good man?

Www.dictionary.com defined a good as the master of a household; a husband.

Click here: https://beingmissmane.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/how-do-i-know-if-this-person-is-right-for-me/ to see if your patner is right for you.

We can’t give a total definition to what qualities a good man must possess, because we all defer and so also our preferences. So when picking a good mate, someone cannot give you a total advice too, what you seek in a mate is far different from what someone else wants. It’s good to ask for advice when seeking a mate but it’s now left for you to discern which one works well.

 My definition of a good man might be different from that of a thousand people out there. But here’s a list of what some women say they want in a man:

Some say; “A good man is humble,caring, respectful, loyal and faithful, gentle, tender and god-fearing”.

 Others say: They want someone who is responsible, financially okay, caring, mildtempered, understanding, calm and also god-fearing. 

Some even say: “A good man understands his woman”, and so on. If you ask a lot of women; they all will have different or common things they want from a man. So many people have so many things to say when you ask them; even men have something to say.

Sometimes men say women are never satisfied, they cannot be pleased. Is that true? Sometimes I think the internet confuses us. Everyone has their opinion about something, forgetting that what works for A might not  work for B, for instance if My man Cooks for me, washes for me and cares deeply for me, would do a great deal to please me, he would get jealous when he sees a message from someone we both know likes me and also  would get furious when I get angry at every little issue that comes my way. He has never bought me flowers, does not kiss me in public but would I say because of those little things he doesn’t do he his not a good man? Well, I think he his more than a good man, he his even great. Now your man could do something else for you or even something better, and some men have other ways of showing love for their Woman. It’s now left to you to appreciate his efforts and not compare him with your neighbor that does better or your friend’s patner that you think does better.

When searching for that special someone it is good to have an image of what he should be like, but do not an exaggerated one.
Whichever way it works for you, appreciate the good man in your life;

1. Treat him well, and let him treat you better.

2. Men,  please love and respect every woman, not just your woman. Women, respect would go a long way in keeping your man.

Most importantly women,  appreciate your Man’s efforts. That way a relationship can work well. 

But I would also love to hear more from all women out there; what do you want from a man, what is your definition of a good man? 

Maybe men out there would stop saying we are complicated 😂 and see what they might not be doing right.

I am also looking forward to writing a post on what Men wants from women too, maybe when I’m done with this series Or what do you think? 

Please like post, leave your comments, observations and recommendations… 

Do not forget to share.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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Today Beingmissmane is a year old 🙌🙌🙌😂😱 thank you all for being here with me.


41 thoughts on “What is your definition of a good man? 

  1. We have a song in Portugal that is called: “os maridos das outras” which means something like “my friend’s husband” and it talks how “my husband is never good enough, he doesn’t take out the trash, doesn’t clean, drinks a lot, doesn’t helpmaround the house” but every girl has that friend whose husband is perfect, or so she thinks she is… The lyrics are quite funny. But this to say, enjoy the man you have at home. Help him understand your needs, and be understanding towards him. I have a husband (recently married), and we dated for 7years before deciding to get married. He is not perfect., He needs some pushing to do chores around the house, but he takes good care of me, and respects and makes me laugh. I know he loves me truly. And that is the most important thing.

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  2. I think the question is “do good people exist?” I am lucky enough for learning how not to settle, therefore I got married “late” in life to a wonderful man, but I’ve seen many women complaining about not being treated right, and they forget it is a two way street: Good men exist, and good women exist, and what you give is what you get.

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  3. Congrats on your 1 year blogiversary! Also, I think everyone is different and values different traits in a person. What’s good to one person is different to another. I think my husband is an amazing person! I really enjoyed hearing about that song in Portugal in the comments. It’s so true!

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  4. I think men are good. I think often we don’t understand who men are and then we get frustrated that we’re not getting from them what we think we should. It’s like trying to use a vacuum cleaner to wash dishes and then thinking all vacuum cleaners are bad. I also think women are good. We’re all good. We just need to understand each other better.

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  5. I am blessed to have a good man … NOW! Third time’s the charm, so they say. First husband was abusive and cheated on me; the marriage only lasted a few months. Second husband was domineering and sometimes verbally abusive; the marriage lasted nearly 20 years before I finally had enough after him telling me he didn’t love me and never really did. NOW I’m with a man who truly loves me, cares for me, appreciates me, and communicates with me. We have been together for nearly 15 years, and married for almost 12 of those years.


    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I think a lot of women who sticks to an abusive relationships for one reason or another should see this. I wish you many more years together with your Good Man!


  6. Important things to think about for sure as it comes to relationships. I really think you have some things to think about as far as male female relationships. I think women have developed their own unrealistic expectations of men as men have made of women. The man wants the madonna and the whore. The saint on the streets and whore in the sheets. I think that’s unfair but based on what draws a man to a woman. A man is visual so they want their cake and eat it to. Women connect more emotionally then men do. So a woman wants the man to be supremely confident and masculine man in public and a thoughtful sensitive man in private. But just as the woman would struggle being both madonna and whore, the man has a problem being sensitive and confident simultaenously. And just as the man doesn’t respect the whore, the woman doesn’t respect the sensitive man. We both screw relationships up with our expectations.

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    1. 🙌🙏 Thanks hun, your comment means alot to me.
      Where have you been tho, missed your lovely posts… Tried sending a mail to know how you’re doing, wasn’t able to! Looking forward to your new posts


  7. Wawu, of course, this topic will generate discussions. I don’t know what a good man is to me. I’m still deciding what makes a man good, when it comes to relationships sha. Aside from the basics that make a person good.

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