Let me inspire you

I respect every beautiful person out there, They are the strongest. Everyone has been through a lot, but their smile is ever so warm and comforting that you’ll think they were never made imperfect. 

Their life looks so perfect that you’ll wonder if they know what anxiety is.

Let them be your inspiration. Look above your pain, pick yourself up, encourage someone today, raise your face above the sky, take a deep breath, call your name and say to yourself; “you’re Strong”. 


62 thoughts on “Let me inspire you

  1. Words are amazing when you think about it! They can change the way a person feels just by reading them and hearing them… thank you for the inspiration and good mood ~wink~
    You are amazing!

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  2. This post is so amazing, short and sweet and absolutely inspirational! Every single person has a past, skeletons in their closet. We all struggle with something. The difference is that some of us cannot handle it as well as others and may just need a simple kind gesture to boost them along their way. I loved reading this, thank you!

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  3. If everyone was to respect world would be much better. Respect is the base of everything in my book. Kindness is other gesture that if it would be practiced more we could be more tolerant and all be much better. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Sometimes its easier said than done to look above your pain, especially if you have depression and anxiety. But thinking of others does put your own suffering into perspective and can motivate you to keep going! x

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  5. This is so true, to outsiders I used to seem like I had a perfect life, but actually, I really didn’t. Now, I don’t have the same luxuries but I am much happier.

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  6. Respecting one another and allowing to live and let live are values we should all gift to one another each and every day. Find inspiration in the ordinary, and be someone’s inspiration on your climb up to achieving your dreams.

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