Dealing with a breakup
Dealing with a breakup whether it was initiated by “you”or the other person,  the pain of breakup is crazily overwhelming. It will cause great pain in both instances. 
  A break up can leave you weak, angry, depressed, guilty (if initiated by you),  downhearted, it can also leave you with a low self esteem, it will make you very sad and after a while you’ll start accepting what happened.
For you to start to heal gradually, here’s what to do;

Stop isolating yourself – 

(“When we broke up, I just felt like lying in bed all my life and just being by myself, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone about it, but that didn’t help me, I only got more and more depressed” -. David).
Talk to a trustworthy friend.

Dealing with a breakup

Do not think you can deal with it by yourself.  Ignore the shame and share your deep thoughts with someone who can understand you, and you will see how relieved you’ll feel. (It could be a parent or a matured friend).

Spend time with people that makes you happy – 

Dealing with a breakup

Go out with people who have your interest at heart, and care about you.

Get busy doing productive things –

Maybe get a job or help other people, just to keep you busy.

Take very goodcare of yourself-

 That is for sure as soon as you start to heal.  

Try to remove things that  reignites hard feelings – 

Maybe delete pictures or remove things that will keep reminding you of the person (this you have to do,if you really want to move on).

Live life gradually as it come – 

As much as you keep tabs of your improvement, learn not to hasten yourself to recovery because it might take time.

 Its okay to cry

Its okay to have relapse (sometimes you just feel like seeing them or hearing their voice) it’s okay,  you’re strong,  try so hard to ignore it. So it doesn’t hinder your healing progress.

Most importantly learn from what happened-

So you can improve on your next relationship.

Dealing with a break up is not easy, but it’s possible.

Just know you’re not alone in this, and if you have relapses, keep trying ( David quoted earler said: “I had relapse for almost three years, just when I thought I was over it. And this left me even more heartbroken and I felt like a failure”).

 You will be fine, okay? Even if it takes longer than expected. Just keep trying.

Hope it helps you:

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51 thoughts on “Dealing with a breakup 

  1. My teenager done the locking herself in her room thing. It took us forever to get her out of there! Yes, she came out to take a shower, use the bathroom and every once in a while she would eat. I tried fixing her favorite foods, buying others, but it took everything for it to happen! I don’t remember how we finally got her to where she would come out but she’s doing a lot better. The doctor had to put her on medications for her sleep, mood swings, out bursts and other things that came afterwards. She’s only 16. It was her first boyfriend and she loved him. He loves her, but with him going into the military in a few months, he didn’t want her waiting on him at that age. He did’t want her worrying about him and wanted her to go ahead and try to live her life. She was also his first girlfriend.

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    1. WOW… Just like when I had mine too, I almost skipped a whole semester… Thank God for the good friends I had then, they really helped me pull through… She’ll be fine, time will heal everything, I hope she gets better soon, please send My love to her 😘… Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. Åhh break ups!! For the good, bad and the ugly!! Im glad I havent experienced any break-ups recently😢 Whatever the feeling is… sadness, rage, relieve- renember that its ok to feel whatever it is your feeling❤️

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  3. I agree certainly with the removal of stuff that can help you move along. And having friends for you is good too. Although I remember that at times like this I really learned who my friends there. and sometimes it wasn’t about what your friends said but just their being there that made all the difference.

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  4. Well, having a break-up is a sad yet learning experience. This is really part of growing-up. thanks for the advice you shared here and that is really helpful for people who had a hard time coping with this emotion.


    1. Well each and every one of us go through issues like this one way or the other, and though it’s not easy to practice but it’s worth to do… Everyone needs relief during this trying times, they also need to work for their relief


  5. A “breakup” is never easy. Time heals all wounds. It may seem hard at first but with time, it gets easier to bare. The best recipe is distraction. I say this is the best time to focus on an achievement and acquire the best results. Dive head first and knee deep in and get going!

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