Emily was unapologetically beautiful ; she was rich, very friendly,  intelligent and extremely charming.  Her smile was one of a dropdead gorgeous,  so beautiful. Everyone that came across her would always have good things to say about her. 

When anyone falls apart, she was always there to fix them and make them feel better.  

But then…

There was this part no one saw about her. Beneath the ever charming, free giving, ever lively and charismatic young woman lies a weak woman in despair. Most times she just wants to be alone. Not a day goes by that thoughts of killing herself doesn’t pop in her head. She always believed that the world would be a better place without her. 
You would agree with me that she does a good job in hiding her sadness from people and emily isn’t the only one who feels depressed.

Suicidal Thoughts

look for ways to cope with the situation rather than a drastic end to it.

It could be as a result of  depression . On the other hand, depression could be as a result of  blooms of youth like the Bible calls it (a stage before adulthood),  illness, financial problems,  marital issues, loss of a loved one (in death), a breakup and so on.


: change in mood/behavior, loss of interest in practically all activities, an intense feeling of worthlessness,  guilt, social isolation, loss of appetite,  lack of sleep.

What you should do –

1.  I want you to know that “everyone” at some point or the other has been through depression, though it might not have been the same situation, but just know you’re not alone. 
2.  whether you’re suffering from clinical depression or are just passing through some emotional phase, depression can be totally handled

For example,  a routine exercise,  healthy meals and getting enough sleep can go a long way to stabilize your emotions.

What if it it seems impossible to come out of depression

  • Change your outlook about the situation – instead of blaming yourself for what might have happened,  learn to accept that you cannot change the past. That way you start veiwing things from a more positive outlook, and You’re more likely to look for ways to cope with the situation rather than a drastic end to it.

Now imagine this; lets assume you are lost in a well-known dangerous neighborhood,  its getting dark and you already seeing strange faces lurking around every corner.   Would you keep trying to find your way out by yourself or would it be wise if you ask someone you trust for directions? What would you do?

Talk to someone you trust
  •  Depression can be compared to that neighborhood, and most times you cannot get out of it ” yourself”. It is also true that two heads are better than one. So Why not talk to someone (a matured person)  maybe your parents or an elderly person. Necessarily someone “not your age ” but someone who is matured and experienced

You might not want to confide in someone older, you might be more comfortable with your peers, because they’re easy to talk to or you might think the elderly ones have no idea how depression works, which is not true.

 Like I said earlier “everyone has been through depression, though in different situation “. So, trust me, they are in the best position to help you. 

When scaling  a mountain , would you expect to be at the top of the mountain in your first step? You’ll agree with me that, you will have to take your step gradually one after the other.

When scaling  a mountain , would you expect to be at the top of the mountain in your first step?

So also it is with depression,  though it might take time,(which if it does, do not hesitate to seek help “professionally”)but you,( my dear can overcome it😄. 

I hope this post was helpful.
Thank you for reading!
Sources- http://www.jw.org

Reference- young people ask, answer that works by Jehovah’s witnesses.

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43 thoughts on “Depression- How To Overcome It

  1. Depression is definitely something that many struggle with. I look forward to a time when no one will say “I am sick”, (Isa 33:24) whether that be because of a physical illness, or something just as serious as depression.

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  2. Depression is such an important topic that people don’t talk about enough. I’ve definitely battled depression and it’s so much harder when you think you’re alone – but you’re not!

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  3. Depression is such a difficult topic. A lot of people struggle with it severely and never get the chance to see a professional for it. Thanks for shedding more awareness on this

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  4. Such an important topic for people who have depression, inferiority and similar traits! More and more awareness for them to help out & minimize such painful incidents!


  5. Depression is a really serious condition that should be treated by a professional. I have never been in that situation, I mean I have been depressed but never to have suicidal thoughts.

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  6. Your post is very valuable and at the right time as I am dealing with this problem for my wife. Since this is a major problem and can happen for no reason, the easiest remedy is to remain busy. Whether it is outdoors, whether it is a new job, whether it is volunteering, one should remain busy and that will keep this problem away. Another good thing one can try is yoga and meditation. Just so you know, I can’t read what other people are commenting as the color is hard to see and read.

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  7. It’s also important to know that sometimes being depresses means you can’t just change your perception on things. I love that you suggested to find someone to talk to. It’s ok to ask for help. Also, if you are feeling so low please find a doc to talk to. Be good.

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  8. I am bipolar 2 and have strong bouts of depression and it’s often hard to get myself out of the mood. I really never quite know what to do and just want to lay there and do nothing all day. I will take this into account next time I’m in one of the my depressive phases.

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  9. Honestly, this is a bit depressing to read on a Monday morning. Everyone have its highs and lows, and its better that we open up and be surrounded by our family and friends.
    Being creative and artistic and any ways helps too.


  10. Thank you for sharing this, this hit close to home. I struggled a bit when I was younger and thankfully I overcame the depression. I still have mad anxiety but it’s not terrible. It’s important to spread awareness

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  11. Wow, the images you have here are very powerful. It is so nice to see deeper issues such as depression being addressed. Thank you for this great post.


    1. This means sooo much to me baby girl. I love your Blog too, there are really few blogs I check out cus I get bored easily, and visiting your Blog today I was lovestruck 😍… It’s fun, informative and not boring at all… Weldone girl 👏

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