Monica’s hurt-

She glanced at her wristwatch once more to be sure what time it was... 7:30pm; she decided to just chill a bit. Maybe he was caught up somewhere with something really important; whatsoever it is that he was caught up with, he sure would have a good explanation to give her “she tried defending him to herself”. 
She moved backwards in her seat and placed her left palm on her lap… she imagined herself looking smoky hot in her red fitted turtleneck gown and her red shining lips complimenting her beautiful body.

  She tried listening to conversations around her… not too far from her table was a very gorgeous looking woman carrying a baby-;that sure looked like hers, and two(2) other ladies sitting across the same table; they were chatting and laughing heartily… she couldn’t help herself from admiring how the one with the baby spoke with such Cockney accent and dropped her aitches. They all spoke quite alike; perhaps they’re sisters or childhood friends “she thought to herself “.

Monica imagined herself as the lady with the baby alongsides her girls hanging out sometimes soon after she’s gotten married to Herbert and has a child already … ‘she smiled’.

She glanced at her wristwatch again while she took a deep breath in. 
She thought of her life with Herbert; how careless He’s treated her. ‘Does he even think of how hurt his actions leaves her’? On her own part she’s been nothing but altruistic to him regardless of what he’s done to her or what she’s heard.
 ‘Even if he doesn’t love her anymore, can he not just pretend to’?
She held her chest as she felt the tear in her eyes burn through her whole body. 

suddenly she took a deep breath and said to herself ; “No no Monica you won’t cry, never! Not anymore’. Gone are the good old days when you would cry over him”. 
She picked her purse to leave but sat back; confused… A part of her wanted to call him but then she refuted that thought and so she called her girls instead.

       The phoned clicked ;
          “Hay babes”… Came their excited voices… “How’s it going with him”? Louis asked teasingly 
She imagined them winking at her, all excited to know how the date is going… But then, she was too stunned ; not knowing how to say all that happened without releasing the outbursts right here right now.

   Though She didn’t have to say anything to them, for they understood what her silence meant. 

Oh my freaking lord“! She heard Nadia say; “what the f*** is wrong with that freaking a**hole”  in her croaky but really nice voice;

That’s enough” Louis cuts her.
Monica? Did Herbert leave you hanging again?”
Louis could hear Monica breathe so loud… 

we’ll pick you up in five minutes“.  Louis said and the phone beeped.  

Few minutes later, Lorna and Nadia both showed up at the restaurant.

They gave her a smile as they both walked towards her table… She smiled back, got up and gave them a hug;

am so sorry” Lorna said while Nadia squeezed her hands gently. 
come on let’s go home” Nadia said leading the way out of the restaurant. 

They all got in the car where Louis and Kimberly was.

Louis drove as they all said nothing to one another, no music,  Just awkward silence.

Monica finally broke the silence. ” I think I’ve had enough of Herbert’s bullshits“. Louis gave her a “tell me you’re joking” look, through the front mirror. Lorna patted her hands gently. 

“This is like the third time Herbert left me hanging all by myself after promising to make up for everything this time. “I think he’s seeing someone,  like I can’t even remember the last time we went out as a couple without being interrupted by his always  busy cell”. “The last time we were supposed to spend quality time together; he said he was gonna pick me up by 4pm, I waited till 5pm or so after which I called to know where he was and when he picked, he started apologizing frantically and then He asked me to go wait for him at the restaurant that he couldn’t pick me up in my house since there was no much time… And that, he’d meet me up in a jiffy; which I quickly obliged to, because I was dying to be with him”.

I got to the restaurant and waited and waited till 7pm but my dear Herbert was no where to be found“, Monica said in disbelief. 
I was patient enough till 8 when he called and told me that; he wouldn’t be coming because something really important came up and he needed to attend to it immediately, God! I was stupefied “.

He sounded like he really had fun and kept ranting on and on about “New girl” in his office; and how she’s been so stuck on him since their first assignment together”. And am like; really? Like his he kidding me right now with this?

Louis had already pulled over at the garage of their sleepover house.

She and Kimberly sitted at the front turned to face the other girls.


 Monica looked so sad as she was fighting so hard not to cry.


its okay baby ” Kimberly said…

have you ever called his attention to it“? She added while she adjusted her really ripped gown once more. Monica nodded like a five year old baby whose ice cream was collected. While Nadia flared up at once;

 “No! I don’t Think so, Monica I dont think you’ve ever told him, I know you, you never say anything when someone hurts your feelings, you’ll just bottle your feelings all up just to please them”
Seriously, I told him” Monica defended… 

That’s enough Nadia Louis cuts her sounding a little bit distressed…

 “lets just go inside and have a nice party”… 

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33 thoughts on “ Mia’s diary – (the continuity)

  1. I didn’t get a chance to read through the whole thing but from what I read it is very intriguing. You should definitely keep this up. I can’t wait to read more of this


  2. This is an interesting piece. I’m sure there are plenty of girls who keep letting people treat them like this. I hope that in future series, you allow this character to mature more. It would be a good examination oe for young girls.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hadn’t heard the name Herbert for SUCH a long time. Now I keep hearing it everywhere I look. lol. Isn’t that the way those things go!


  4. It’s tough being on the receiving end of an unrequited love affair. It’s easy to say walk away but some don’t and repeat the pattern over and over again.

    Liked by 1 person

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