5. Using the wrong shampoo 😶-

Not every shampoo is ideal for washing hair… one thing you should know is that, overly diluted shampoo isn’t healthy for your hair😟! (And most salon use diluted shampoo, so I’ll advice you get yourself one for personal use)✔, overly diluted shampoo has probably lost all its nutrients.❌ So be careful of the kind you use.

Another thing you should know is that, there are

“mainly” three

types of shampoo and they’ve got their different uses, make sure to know what they’re used for before getting any✔ (for more information on this leave a comment here or send us an email 👇). 

6. Not using the right relaxer

You hear👂 a lot of people say; “once i retouch, give me two days my hair will be back to virgin hair”.

Or some say; “even if i retouch my hair everyday, i still won’t be able to comb it”. Or for some people their hair is sooo light and fragile with weak tips, and all of these could cause serious hair loss.

Real Cause

It could be as a result of buying a fake product of the relaxer (which if you notice when you use it, after few days your hair will become so hard that when you comb it you’ll hear the sound of your hair😦. (It can be really frustrating and painful🙅)

It could also be as a result of you not buying the proper one that suits your hair (you’ll see that it will be relaxed for a few days, after which it starts looking like its dew again).  which is also very frustrating 🚮

7. The person who makes your hair

Trust me, your hairstylist to an extent determines how good your hair will be👸. He/she should not just be interested in making hair and being paid💰, no, your relationship should be more than that💆.       

Infact, they should be able to take note of the necessary things lacking in your hair and vice versa. (Thats why its adviceable to have one stable hairstylist, so you’ll know where your hair problem is emanating🙋).

What are your thoughts on this?

Feel free to ask questions,  visit here every Thursday to get hair tips.

Email :👌 beingmissmane@gmail.com  


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