You got to go to that event 👸or work👷 or date👫 and… your face😮… your face 😱is really discouraging even after you’ve used a couple of facial cleanser just to have that smooth, firm and spotless face. But you still got massive rashes on your face or you’ve still got those dark spots as a result of zits (pimples).

Instead of spending much money on buying endless skin care soaps or cleanser that could have serious side effects on your beautiful face, here’s the easy way to have that spotless face and you’d be amazed 😰to see its work. Here are directions on how to use (with images) Keep reading:

1. Get an egg😄


2. Break a little part of the shell (just very little), to give free passage for the Albumen or Egg white or Glair or whatever you know it to be called😏


3. Pour in a bowl (be careful that it doesn’t come out with the yoke, that’s why it’s good you do No.2 carefully)
4. Apply liquid graciously on face😃

5. Leave for 30mins, then wash off (sometimes i wash the next day because i sleep off while waiting for 30mins😂 and that’s because i do it mostly at nights).

6. You can do it three(3) times a week or once a week.


And this is the result I always get for my shoots. It gives me the firmness I need for my makeup and they last longer.

7. Tell or Show me the results of yours.

Thank me later.

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