Hay lovelies it’s been a loooooong while😞. So sorry I left without any notice, I didn’t mean to, just a few occurrences that undermined me for a while, but I’m back now for good😉! I hope you find it in your lovely heart to forgive me. Yass! Thank youu😘😘😘

Just want to share with you few precautions to take pertaining your hair growth. And a few things we do and don’t do or that we are supposed to do that could cause serious damages to our hair and hinder hair growth. Without much talk let’s see what we’ve got here😉:

1. Carrying Braids For Way Too long:


Hell yeah! I guess you didn’t know that carrying Braids for long could cause serious damages to your hair and stop hair growth. So, please avoid doing that no matter how much you love the hair 👸.

2. Carrying Relaxer For Long-


Another hair assassin is carrying Relaxer on your hair for way too long😠(If you have questions on this or u want to know more, kindly send us an email).

3. Giving your Hair Breathing Space
For people who love to make hair all the time that once you loosen one, you make another, if only your Hair could talk😭.
Imagine someone tying you to one particular spot all the time😮; am quite sure you’re not going to be comfortable with that, so also your Hair needs to stay fly😎.
It’s very healthy for you to rock your hair once a while. Though It’s nice to make your hair but it’s damaging if it’s Everytime you do… so give it space and let it breathe too.


4. Steaming-
You should steam your hair, treat it and trim off dead tips at least  once in a month, in order to further hair growth.

These are a few out of many that could cause damage to hair or hinder hair growth…

Thanks for reading
More blog posts 😄coming up.
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