Picture a fortunate beautiful woman as your friend ;  a beautiful home, amazing husband,  lovely kids, a high flying career, a good physique (I’m saying she’s heavenly gorgeous … ). Main point is, everything about her is very remarkable, extraordinarily amazing but most of your tête-a-tête often ends up in her whining over endless impalpable issues like her husband being too nice that it scares her to death, her face always developing a zit at that particular time of the month, her house help not always checking the mailbox first thing in the morning. The amount she spends on clothes would stupefy you and would leave you wondering how diversed we humans are.

Funny how one person will own a cap and have no use for it and wish for a hat Instead, and someone else has a hat but would yearn for that cap because of the many purposes it could serve  (“just saying”).  Good thing is we humans have the great power of adaptivity. Why not learn to use yours in a creative way by being optimistic, why not use your power of adaptivity to see the silver lining around every problems you face?
Never underrate the power of optimism, the power to see beyond your pains or problems and to be positive nor ignore the harmfulness in being pessimistic and just focusing on your negativity.

Come on and add some ‘zing’ to your life; stop whining over these little things,  infact these little things are specifically what makes us imperfect humans that we are. For instance: imagine a life where we’re all tall, we are beautiful in the same way, all same skin color, same beautiful smile, all perfectly built, perfect waist, hips,perfect chest or bust,perfect skin, health and every part of your life is the way you want it- believe me that would almost look like a robotic life without adventures, without innovations on your part and almost no spirituality . You know the challenges we face,keeps us growing in strength and it draws out our spirituality too (i mean most people).

Though it is only natural that everyone has one or two things to complain about, but making it a way of life thereby seeing life as  sombre can also be  detrimental- making a complainant ugly and dissatisfying. Why not make it a goal to learn to not whine over little things like weather, traffic, or meals, or getting the latest clothes of stuffs or you being scared of your toddler breaking his\her leg trying to take its first step- why not learn to see the positive sides of everything?
Mind you-  positive, well constructed complaints are sensible and can serve as useful tools when they are polite and possibly proffering solution.
Why not channel more of your energy to making your life better and solving relevant issues.
Why not be thankful for what you have, and be hopeful for what you don’t have- why not learn to live without what you can’t have and be the best you can be with what you have?_ why not celebrate the success of others and see how contented and truly happy you’ll be.
Until some other time, I want you to keep in mind the goal to be positive,  to learn to use what you have to be better and I want you to know that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel- ‘you’ my friends are the light in the end of the tunnel. Be good

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