It‘s been like seven years since he last saw this beautiful city: he placed his folded palm on his right chin….”though there’s been some recent dramatic cultural changes, San Francisco remains one of the most beautiful cities in U.S. The ‘city by the bay’ is scenic and welcoming, with major landmarks, cultural attractions and street lined ornate victorian homes; talk of the sundry parks, stretches of sand, picture-postcard views, with the Golden Gate Bridge serving as constant romantic backdrop” damn he’d missed this city; his home town.

One place he can never forget…. the people, the town, families, friends and memories they’d shared …. How he wished he never left like that; once he left, he had vowed never to look back… something he now regrets.
His mum has persistently been on his neck since his dad passed away; the house feels empty, she wants him back home… he took a sip of the 1787 Chateau Lafite wine… he paused; whined down the rear left windshield so he could feel the cool-breeze on his devilishly handsome face; now covered with clean-cut beards,hardly would anyone recognise him… 

He Wiped the tear forming in his eyes… “home sweet home!”… he said out loud; his chauffeur flashed him a toothy grin from the front mirror pulling over at the flower store;

Eliot stepped out to pick a nice bouquet for his mum and walked back in his car, ignoring the ladies that were smiles over him..

His mum was one of the main reasons he decided to come back home… asides that, he couldn’t stop thinking about how he’d left things with Mia: though they talk over the phone a couple of times during the past years, Mia tells him everything going on with her, he practically knows every guy she’s ever dated, down to her numerous dates and break-ups which he his proudly the cause of most of ’em… though he feels sore for her;but he cannot bear the thought of her being with someone  else asides him and himself alone… he’d caused her so much grief… well if that was all he could do to get her, he doesn’t mind doing even more to win her to himself.
He his a coward to have done that; one thing for sure has always been his extreme obsession over her: And  that Mia  never noticed drove him nuts… it made him detest her in his own loving way.
Mia always took him as a brother; so she practically ‘Friend zoned him’ dammit!.. he’s been in love with her since 8th grade; he’d bullied all the boys that looked her way, ever since high school he’d always been the cause of her numerous relationship melt-down, which she doesn’t know… 

Since she and Blake ended up; Mia shut her door against everyone including him’ and that hurts… though he tried so much to cover the breach between them, but not.much was covered… 
Oh Mia’ , he said under deep breath- “My most beautiful; 

that face…is one of a Big Jaw Dropper of which he Eliot has always been her number one fan: her eyes so lucent with her golden iris complimenting her bold face”. Staring at her natural long dreadlocks gives a kinda euphoric sensation… and many at times he wishes he could have a feel of it 

on his bare chest… 
He swiped his phone to unlock his password, quickly scrolled down to his gallery to have a view of her once again like he always does… he smiled 

at her pics on his phone, double clicked on it to make it bolder, he kissed his phone…. once again wishing she could return his kiss back… 

Her very good sense of humour; 

her breath taking smile Like those luminaries described in the book of Genesis… he suddenly grew angry at her again; wishing he could make them both vanish to somewhere he’ll have her only to himself…

“Damn you Mia!… I adore you”… he said thumping his closed fist on his crossed legs.. “why the hell can she not see how much he does”… he asked himself, sounding half pissed and half sober… 

One thing Eliot is sure of is that if Mia eventually finds out all he had done and will still do, she’ll never be able to forgive him… 

The chauffeur already pulled over in one of the large car park facing his father’s Magnificent building, that has always been ‘home’… 

The female servant quickly opened the car door; shooting him a smile, “welcome home sir, everyone awaits you at the dining”,… she said blushing; well, that’s one effect he always had on girls generally…he thought…

he sighed and stepped out of the car, while the servants quickly packed his luggages: he unbuttoned the dark-blue blazer he wore; raised his head above to look at the great statue that always greeted anyone coming into the house, and inhaled and exhaled  deeply…

He his home; Back home….

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Much love to you all…. hope you enjoyed reading this part


8 thoughts on “Impasse 4

  1. Wow… This is amazingly creative… I was stuck all through while reading, I also love the way it ended where he face the Magnificent building and said to himself that “he was home”… Keep writing

    Liked by 2 people

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