Now I’m pissed: I shouldn’t have called him; he’s just a joker like every goddamn good looking man I’ve met”; Mia bit her rough lower lip as she cursed under her breath.

It’s 9:40 already, no call or sms returned: she wondered why she was even bothered about Dawn; the guy had earlier been rude to her, just dropping his number and walking away like that…. she made up her mind that she was never gonna call him ever again.

She quickly pressed the dial button to call George; “her boyfriend”. They’ve been together for only few months after being friends for three years. George has not only been a very good lover but also her ‘friend’; 

He loves her… and she knows it but she’s so scared to give George or anyone her hundred percent trust; Mia has been so hurt a couple of time before and after she and George had met. He knows about this but has stuck to her come what may. 

She doesn’t deserve his undying love for her; because she’s too hurt to even take chances or to love him back, and that, she feels guilty about. 

Well, it’s totally not her fault either: Mia had given Blake her last boyfriend,three good loyal years of her life; she’d trusted that Blake loved her, maybe he did… but things never worked out between them; Mia had been head over heels for Blake but she eventually had to face the bitter truth and move on with her life; many at times she was truly grateful she did, at least she was free from his constant abuse and reminder of how she was a failure, how complicated she made his life and how many cute girls make passes at him every now and then: ever since Blake, she was careful of her feelings towards every good looking man she met.”they’re all dumb” she says to her close friend Brick

… To everyone; Mia was happy, her charming effect on people was quite spontaneous: but she herself wishes she could get as much happiness she gives to people around her; she wonders if happiness would ever come back to her.

She’d always wanted to be an adult; well, here was her wish right in front of her, giving her so much heartache and sadness; “people should be careful what they wish for”; she always told herself… Now she wish she could go back to being a kid; when she was free, secure, innocent and free from worry
Sometimes she wonders why George would put up with her numerous mood swing and instability.

Well, it takes a good man with a large heart like George’s. His good heart, his care; the implicit respect he has for her even with so many things he’s heard and knows about her… The calm and suiting way he always talks to her… That man adores her…
To George, Mia was the only woman he needs in his life… and the fact that she’s not so into him is quite understandable to him… She’s been through a lot… well, her problems has almost taken the best part of her person; she needs enough time to heal and enough time to see that she’s a diamond; she’s a matriarch, she’s beautiful and she deserves all the good things in this life. Even if giving her all the good things was at the detriment of his beautiful soul; he will give it to her ‘yes he will, because she deserves it…. Call it obsession if you want… 
“Hay babes” came George’s smooth voice; “good morning”… 
morning“??? Mia asked; puzzled… 

Yea baby, it’s 12:45am already– George said grinning at his huge wall clock.

Ok“… Mia said; hugging her pillow like it gave her some kinda sensation… “what are you up to”? Mia asked between a soft croaked voice… 
errh… nothing much; just trying to finish up some office work I have left”…. George cleared his throat and continued….. “it’s just few things I got left to do on’em, so I can present ’em to ’em owners tomorrow”… he exhaled. “How’s ma favourite girl doing”?... he said 

Great“; Mia replied…. “you know…. I’m quite worried about your not giving yourself enough rest; it’s telling on you. ..
Er… don’t worry babes, it’s just for some couple of nights and it will be over… George replied reassuringly… 

He heard her sigh…

erm… please…would you…mind coming along with me later today to visit my parents? Maa would be so pleased to have you around, she’s been complaining of our constantly not visiting them, lately… He added adjusting from his couch… 

Mia paused… “okay, it’s cool; I’ve missed your family too… am sorry I’ve been negligent…I hardly have a enough time for myself”… she sighed.
“It’s alright baby, you’ve been busy; alright I’ll pick you up by 3pm, how bou that? ... George said

“Ohw… 3pm it is… take good care of yourself baby; do not skip breakfast and try to sleep a little, so you don’t have migraines… I love you”… Mia said in a whisper
“Yes ma’am”...George smiled, he loves it when she does that.

Though Mia might not see how much light she brings into his darkened world, though she might not love him as much as she thinks he deserves, though people might judge him to be a fool for love… he doesn’t care, he’d rather be that fool for eternity. He loves Mia. Nothing can change that, not even a past, present or future event can change that. After all she calls to check up on him; she cares for him and no matter what Mia never denied him of that; she was always on the look out for his best interest…

 Her caring attitude remains unaltered… and that and that alone was enough for him to keep the flames burning…

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