Dawn checked on his wristwatch, he had been doing that ever since he got back to the wedding reception; he couldn’t get his mind off the brownie he’d just met; her charming face, her golden brown eyes; he saw how she shifted uncomfortably under his gaze , her smooth melanin baked skin….. The way she carried herself when she walks; her damn sexy body: her voice….he chuckled, yea yea… talk of voice; he wasn’t expecting her to sound that way though…

“He smiled” bowing his face… “but then every feature … ‘her aura’… all complements her personage; that dress was classy... he smiled again.

‘Simon shot him his  confused and questioning look’; he wasn’t even paying attention to anything or anyone no more.

Dawn felt his tummy twist; he suddenly felt hurt and scared…. he was worried Mia might not call….

hay buddy; what’s up with you? You look like snow white…. som’in you don’t wanna talk about?” ;his friend Simon had asked both looking puzzled but sounding like he doesn’t care . he just has a funny of aasking question ‘Dawn raised his eyes and frowned at him.

I just think it’s about time we left”; dawn said looking at his wristwatch again…

 “going somewhere cuties?; 
Came Pearl’s honeyed tone shooting them her cutest fake smile while  walking towards them. ” Dawn froze!… he damn knew who it was… it was the devil herself…his worst nightmare and most expensive mistake; The one girl he’d dated and regrets ever knowing.

Talk of the devil”; Simon bowed his head and said in his croaky tone, quiet enough for her not to hear… 

yea; damn you mo****f*****, I heard that Simon”;Pearl shot at Simon with a straight face.
Simon raised his head and then turned to Pearl faking a wide grin, acting like he never said anything; “ohw… Pearl darling it’s nic…”… 

Pearl rolled her eyes towards him, raised her palms facing him and turned her face the other way; “hypocrite“; she cut him. 

She pat Dawn’s back and came foward To face him adjusting her very low blouse covering half of her cleavage and then pouted… once upon a time that would have tripped him but he was way over ‘the devil‘ like Simon called her.

Simon cursed her under his breath, he and Pearl never got along…”she’s got an owl’s ear”… he said quietly.
“What’s up Dawn,you look like you’ve seen a ghost”;   

Pearl said curling backwards so he could see how curvy she was, in her slim slitted gown… she leaned forward, close enough to Dawn. He frowned; 

‘I saw you mingling with that cute browny out there… ‘ she said emphatically-…. 

yea‘- Dawn sighed; 

‘you wouldn’t blame my single ass for mingling‘-

He was grateful he’d said that: that sure was the right thing to say because Pearl just looked disappointed because angrily rolled her eyes and gave a shrilling hiss as walked out on them… ‘piss off’, she gave him the middle finger. Simon roared with laughter 

hell yea!!! 

-Dawn thought angrily as she walked away; “she should allow me move the hell on too”.
He signalled to Simon to meet him at the garage… 
Coming to the wedding wasn’t a bad idea after all; he couldn’t wait to show Mia off to the world especially to his worst enemy ‘Pearl’…

Thanks friends for stopping by; pardon my errors, I’m just an imperfect writer that cannot stop writing ; feel free to point my errors… 

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