Good morning. Its Friday!!!  oh my God! I’m super excited, more sleep;more chats, more foood (I’m no foodie tho) more leisure time. I’m sure you all would be going out tomorrow to the cinema, wedding uhm… send my cakes if you don’t want trouble .

 Unlike me I love to go out but I just don’t like getting out of bed  . Please don’t call me lazy, sleeping in bed isn’t an easy job either. 
Okay see these Ankara styles you could rock Friday or Saturday or to any , to work or to an occasion ; 

​You could rock this to work on Friday or to the cinema or to a wedding This saturday… more coming​


Wedding guests:​

You like???

more styles next saturday

Come back on Monday  I’ll show you amazing styles you never knew you could do with your white shirts you’ll love it i promise.



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