Continuity of Crisis-

…. she was dazed… 

For a moment all she could do was stare at what was standing before her… “come back Mia she thought angrily at herself, half embarrassed”; she wasn’t gonna drool over some stranger like that… she felt her blood gushing from hydrant; “hi, she said’ like a murmur… “could we step out for a moment” he said. 

Mia suddenly grew hot, this time from anger; “who d f*** does this ‘Dawn guy’ think he his, how dare him walk up to her from the f*** she doesn’t care”; and she’s been all dumbstruck over him, what pisses her is the fact that she’s just met him. Like her mum once said to her;”you know Mia… If you hold a man’s hand and he makes your heartbeat faster and makes you giddy and excited, walk away from that man; He’s not the man for you!”. She has not even shook hands with him; not to talk of holding hands with him and she’s got this embarrassing sensation all over her… 

ok mia, you know you don’t wanna do this… time to take an exit”... she said to herself silently…while she walked majestically back to were her purse was.
“Mia’ and her mum earlier had a disagreement over what she was gonna wear to her mum’s distant cousin’s wedding which she obviously doesn’t want to go”… she’d insisted she was gonna wear her favourite cut-jean.. her mum had thought that it was an outrageous idea to get back at her for not going to the wedding by herself but pushing Mia in place of her instead… her mum had personally chosen the velvet blue slim gown which held tightly to her slim body and her budding hips… damn! She’d thought to herself looking in her huge mirror. “How can you deserve to look this good”.… she then picked her red jacket, looked at her perfect self once more and sighed… she’d left home with no intention whatsoever to make not even a friend. Mum had teased her so much about the wedding, she’d winked sexily at her while she brought the gown from her wardrobe for her to wear; 

her mum had given her the hand expression meaning it’d look smoking hot on her… and she’d called her that word she hated hearing ‘buena vista’ in her fake Spanish accent she’d learnt from a colleague. She’d grunted angrily while her mum came towards her and tickled heavens out of her… she tried not to laugh but couldn’t help it… her mum always had her own way of calming her down and making her do things she’s made her mind up not to do…

 “ok fine! Mum, you win”... she managed to say Amidst shrieks… her mum sighed and left her rolling on her bed with a wide grin… “I always win honey”… her mum said raising her hands up like a winner in the wrestle ring… “so… up you go to your Prince charming mi bunito“… Mia had given her mum a frown almost immediately. “Mum forget it, I’m not interested in anyone right now nor in few years to come”… her mum stood straight, with her hand placed on her waist; Mia knew what that meant, she wasn’t ready for one of her mum’s numerous sermons… she quickly said “ok mum… need to have my bath right now… thanks mum for the dress… she quickly entered the lavatory and turned on the shower”.… she smiled to herself when she heard her mum sigh and started humming her favourite song, she imagined her mum doing her foot works and dances; she’s a pretty good dancer… and that she’s grateful she got from her mum…


…his deep voice jolted her back from her thoughts… “was thinking it’d be nice if we both stepped out, you know… the song is loud and I know you can barely hear me, and I can see you’re about leaving… please just a moment, I’ll be brief “ dawn said’; gesturing with his hands giving her his charming smile and the ‘ladies first’ look… she’d paused and move back and forth like a confused dummy that she’d thought she was …she lead the way like a puppet… whilst they were outside the reception 

I’m dawn” he said stretching his hands to shake hers… “hell yea you told me already” she thought to herself avoiding to really look into his eyes… “I’m Mia” she said Ignoring his stretched hand… trying her possible best to look distracted and not interested to him; “would you mind giving me your cell number, so I get to call you some other convenient time?” handing his phone to her… ; “How about you give me yours”; Mia said, while he handed her his card; “thanks a lot, would be eagerly awaiting your call”…bye… he said; giving her a curt nod… she watched him walk back into the wedding reception; ‘how rude’ she’d thought angrily to herself … “How on earth can you look so damn perfect?”; she thought as she bit her lower lips; 

“His face; his tight masculine chin that easily curls into a smile ;his full lips, would they be as good as they look in a kiss?’ she’d smiled at how bratty her thoughts were… his physic; his broad chest; she quickly imagined how it would feel to place her head on it… 
once again she was lost… lost in her common world that she can’t stop visiting even after she’d been hurt… 

she hopped on the cab, couldn’t wait to be home’ she couldn’t wait to be alone; to fantasize about the stranger she’d just met… 

“The stranger that was about to break he bricks “… she smiled 

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