“Once again it had happened; 
he had raised his hands on her; he’s a beast and that beast in him had him in its string; like a lion he’d pounced on her with every ounce of strength still left in him. He’s worked all day at the office hoping to get a little rest before completing the remaining work he had left on the project; ‘the project he’s been racking his head out on’ , the more reason why he’s not been coming home regularly; he needs to focus on this “his breakthrough if it’s pleasing to his boss”, but April wouldn’t let him breath well once he was home; she would always come up with something to pick on him. He refused to go home since their last fight; ‘he knows her well, she’d stop at nothing to frustrate him… ‘which is the least thing he needs right now; he’s had enough of that from his boss already. “How he wished things would work out well between he and April, he thought”… unpacking his stuffs; so he could immediately start work… his heart skipped as he saw her shadow emerge through the door, ‘he turned trying to ignore her as she gave him her very piercing look; oh God; he’d prayed silently in his heart that she’d let him be in peace. 
you know Jordan” ‘she started’…you shouldn’t have come home, I’ve got this fire in my soul that’s keeping me alive and satisfied without you.….. and she started yelling all sorts of curses; 
keep it down April he said trying to calm her down”… well there’s the fuel; she walked close to him and pulled his shirt while yelling at the top of her voice ; this he hated so much, he managed to relieve himself from her grip trying his possible means to be peaceful with her..; he quickly packed 
his laptop and the few stuffs he needed for d night and left her yelling after him. He opened the door to the guest room, entered and closed the door behind him!… walked down and 
dropped his laptop and his work bag on the bed while he landed heavily on the couch beside the bed; ‘he sighed’… grateful he didn’t react to the situation; she kept thumping on the door; yelling his name qnd cursing; few minutes that seemed like eternity she gave up; he prayed his heart that she doesn’t come back. 
“He rested his head on his hand; 
wishing he never made the mistake today of all days to come home’. ” I mean this marriage was once a upon a time blissful; well, that was two damn good years back; they’d been perfect, best of friends but April just changed ; 
she just wanted things done her own way, well that’s not the problem, the problem is the way she wants it done; 
gets offended by everything he says or does; each time she wants to fight, she’s always the first to pull his shirt or hit him and at times when he can no longer hold himself back; he retreats which he regrets doing; “I’m tired” he said Amidst tear filled eyes… he loves his wife so much but recently he doesn’t think he knows her anymore ; he keeps wondering what devil might have possessed her; and she does her role well in frustrating him almost to death; he’s got a lot of work to do tonight so he could meet up for his presentation at his office tomorrow. “Big Day“… he switched his laptop on; immediately clicking on the file he’s working on, he quickly wore his recommended lense; the file he clicked on was empty, he quickly checked on another file it was empty too…. he quickly pressed on the refresh button not believing what he has saw… he clicked on the file again, it was empty, then he scrolled up and down trying his best not to panic; he stood straight ‘and ran his fingers through his dark curly hair; he bent to pick his work-bag and ransacked it thoroughly looking for his flash-drive; it wasn’t in his bag: “he paused to think; took a deep breath in; he remembered vividly the flash drive was still connected to his lappy before he had entered the bathroom to have his bath; but wait a minute he thought to himself ; it wasn’t there when he came back; “No? No? April!!! “He shouted in disbelief while he ran out of the guest room like a mad dog; he just hope she hasn’t done something stupid ; he couldn’t bear the thought of her deleting the files and being with the flash drive ; what is she going to do with the flash drive and how did she even know those exact files she deleted ?; he stopped half way to the main sitting room… he noticed she sat on her rocking chair facing the chimney; she was burning something…

April“?…. “He called her quietly” like he pronounced that word with his last breath ; she stood up and turned to face him: smiling devilishly. “He opened his mouth in terror and cupped both hands in his mouth hoping it would refrain him from crying out loud; he fell on his kneels; “the hands didn’t work; ” he let the outburst flow”…. 

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6 thoughts on “Interesting stories: crisis

    1. That’s very true, to be honest there r some really annoying wives that could frustrate one n even do anything to set one back, just over a little quarrel that’s sposed to be resolved easily… thanks dear for reading


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