Relationships- 9 types that might not work πŸ’”.

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You’ll agree with me that it feels great to be in love… and when that person loves you back, the feeling, damn!…it’s priceless. Everything around you stops “existing” so-to-speak ; it’s just you and them that counts.

Even when you see the red warning lights not to go into a relationship because you’re probably too clouded by emotions to think; you ignore those signs; even the warnings coming from your loved ones…

Hay honey… it’s fine; it’s normal, but to be candid with you, it’s totally not fine. I’ll tell you why.

1. Truth be said ; when you’re considering a long term relationship there are some details or traits in a person you don’t want to ignore… no dear; don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying ‘be judgemental’. I’m saying use you discretion (like the yorubas would say; lo agbari eh)
2. The heart is treacherous even the “Bible clearly states that”…  Many  times we hear married people say ‘I never saw these signs; infact he was never like this… well… that’s totally not true because in most cases we see these signs but we just decide to ignore them because we are  “In love”, and we think they’ll change in the long run because they are In love too.

 Sadly, there are so many things we can’t change about some people except they want to.

        Sign That You Shouldn’t Ignore

  1.          Their Goals and Yours 

Before you get into a long term relationship you want to first consider your goals and aspirations; does it tally?… Does this person understand what you want in a relationship and is he/she ready to give you? Does he/she have what it takes to be your life partner? And is he/she a kind of person that wants to live his/her her life the way you want to live yours?… well, these, are thought-provoking questions you need to consider.

   That’s why you don’t need to rush into a relationship; before you get into one, both of you must have a based or common goal you share.

2. Their Personality

You might wonder, what about their personality.

Well, knowing each other very well is very necessary. Let me go straight to what I mean. You might be in a relationship with a really nice guy; he cares for you, he satisfies you, he loves you but let’s assume he abuses you; uses all sorts of unpleasant words on you or hits you, you seriously need to run for your life and don’t bother turning to see what you left behind.

Just note that whatever attitude he doesn’t change while you guys are dating, he/she might not still see reasons to change when you’re married, except he/she want to.
3. Unnecessary Jealousy-

Some people say jealousy is a sign of love; and yeah yeah I agree with them. Come to think of it, if you don’t love someone, things they do wouldn’t bother you right?… Yes.

But some people can be extremely jealous and choking; for instance I used to have someone who breaks up his relationship when he sees a guy admiring his girl… or fights his babe when he goes through her phone and sees a guy’s name stored on it while scrolling through her contacts, or when he sees a guy’s compliment on her picture maybe on a social networking site.

Come on, that’s unreasonable, we should respect each others privacy and even if you want to go through your lovers phone it should be with their consent, and do not be quick to pick offense. 

So I’llbefore he/she says I.O (it’s over) word, say it first πŸ˜‚ The person is such a child.
4.   Cocky Person-:

When you try everything possible to please someone and he/she doesn’t appreciate your efforts, and he/she  won’t stop bragging about the other people better than you they could have been with, please what are you still looking for in such a relationship?

Those kind of people have issues with their self-worth and they might be using you to get over the fact that they can’t get what they want or someone they want, and with time this might also rob off on you. And you might begin to lose your self esteem too.
5. Someone who is ashamed of you

Someone who claims to love you but can’t show you off isn’t worth you.
6.   Someone who doesn’t Trust you

What is Love without trust? Trust is the sole foundation of any relationship. If he/she claims to love you, but doesn’t trust you, Not cool at all.
8.  Someone Who can’t Admit Being Wrong

Egotism won’t help a relationship, instead it breaks them. Someone who values you, would do everything to keep you.

“But remember, a relationship is a two-way thingy”.
9. Someone Who Doesn’t Stand Up For You

If he/she values you; he’ll fight to keep you. He/She would stand against the world just to stand up for you…

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