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I’m soo glad you stopped by, and I hope you’ll gain from this little knowledge I am about sharing with you from my experience during the past years of my existence. And really I’m happy to share because I’m tired of bottling it up…lol… xoxo …
Well, really how do I know or how do you know if this person is right for you?

 Fact is we are all attracted to one person or another; but as much as we trust this person, once in a while doubt creeps in our heart and a lot of question pops in our head probably because of what we see happening in relationships today that seemed wonderful to everyone but suddenly hit to a very heavy melt-down or maybe because our past experiences with someone whom we once had feelings for wasn’t sweet either…
Well either ways; we are obviously trying to be careful not to make another mistake or if we haven’t made one before, we do not want to make any at all. Admit it or not, Broken relationships are many at times a waste of our time, energy, resources and mostly ‘our feelings’…this is simply because we all want our love expressed to be reciprocated by whoever it is we expressed it to. It really hurts when you love someone and they don’t feel the same way about you or they don’t love you in the same scale as you do; that could lead to serious depression… 

 However, knowing if someone is right for you is really important darling…

    • Firstis this person attracted to you?…

    Yes dear! That question is worth meditating on… please for a moment ‘forget the butterflies in your Tommy (like my eldest uncle’s wife once said to me)’. There’s no need to rush into a relationship; take your time honey and find out this relevant answers before getting into a relationship.
    One way you know someone is genuinely  attracted to you is their attitude towards you!.

     Though people pretend a lot; that is why we need to take our time and use our discretion to figure out if it’s for real.
    1). Does he/she seek your advantage

    For instance; someone who is attracted to you will very much love to do ‘Anything’ to please you. 

    The person wouldn’t mind going an extra-mile just to prove to you that they’ve got your back no matter what happens… helping you achieve your aims, objectives, dreams and realities would be their ‘future ambition’ so to speak; in the sense that, they would work with you and encourage you to pursue your desires… they help you see that, those things you think you can’t do- maybe because of doubts- is totally possible for you to achieve them, once you are able to conquer your doubts and face your fears.

     Another fact is that they will always want to be involved in your life… No… no dear, don’t get me wrong; when I say involved in you life, I don’t mean being unnecessarily protective or possessive. 

    • Yes dear he/she would surely give you your needed privacy, but they would also want to know what’s up with you every now and then- ‘that’ my darling, is being caring.

    2). Someone attracted to you will do everything in their power to make you happy

    Yes darling… your happiness is first on their to-do list. What makes you happy brings them joy.

    Someone who is attracted to you would not just marvel or get attracted to your physical appearance. They will see the beauty in everything you do, including your flaws (yes darling… but we also want to be careful not to take advantage of their feelings for us; infact we want to keep working on our flaws though we ain’t perfect).

     They will be proud of any success you achieve and will be there for you even at your ‘worse moment’… Hay… what I just told you is factual… well I’m talking mostly out of experience.

        Someone who loves you isn’t worried about whether you are gorgeously beautiful, sparingly beautiful or averagely beautiful; no darling they are not bothered about your body size, whether you’re stoutly, a plus size or skinny… Yes darling… they don’t care. 

        They just love you for you; and the beauty they see in you, you or anyone around you might never get to see it in yourself.
        And when they compliment you; you might think it’s just a flattery comment, but I want you to know they mean it.

        • Second- their attitude towards you

        Yea yea lovelies; you need to put that into consideration too.

        1). How does he/she treat you

        -do they make you their priority as much as you do them?

        Truly love yea… we know comes naturally and can endure all things; but sweetheart when it’s not nurtured, watered, cared for and even reciprocated, then there’s the serious problem we call a ‘bomb’.  

           Someone who genuinely loves you, considers your feelings and opinions first before taking steps or decisions even pertaining to their life. They love to do that. They want to know if their decision is pleasing to you and will make you happy.

        • Thirdtheir time and attention 

        Someone who loves is never too busy for you, yes, they might have a tight schedule but won’t have they breaks?… 

        Well, even with a busy schedule if they love you they’ll make out time for you.

        • FourthUnderstanding 

        Asides love, being understanding is a relevant part of a relationship. Someone who loves you will try to be understanding although you might disagree in some situations but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand you. 

        • FifthTrust 

        Trust is the sole foundation of all relationships. What is Love without trust?… well, nothing. Something who loves you would have implicit trust in you even when people around criticise you.

        • Lastly-: Forgiveness 

        You both would err each other but willingless to forgive freely shows love… Someone who doesn’t love you would find it hard to forgive you easily…

        Thanks a lot for stopping by; 

        Come back soonest.

        I hope I was able to help?… leave a comment…


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